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NEED GREAT STAFF? We can save you money and provide excellent team members, who work with you as key personal with in your business 

ASCENTIA will save you time, effort and up to 50% - 70% on current staffing costs 

ASCENTIA specializes in the OUTSOURCING OF HIGH CALIBRE STAFF ... supplying clients with
professional staff on a full time or part time basis .... Train staff your way, your details .... we support and assist you all the way ...

ASCENTIA is a global outsourcing group, with a staff of over 150 executives working for businesses just like yours. The company is recognized for its excellence and depth of experience in all areas of remote hiring . We currently operate across seven locations from London, USA to Australia and Canada.

We are a multi-disciplinary practice partnering with companies in the following industries 
• Joinery / interiors 
• Manufacturing 
• Construction - building 
• Engineering 

Our founding principles are supplying highly skilled talent to our clients, while providing excellent support, assistance and guidance 

We can demonstrate extensive experience in:
• Joinery drafting / estimation 
• Architectural staff 
• Admin staff 
• Sales / marketing 
• HR staff 
• Data entry / encoding 
• Executive assistant / PA 
• Engineers 
• Accounts / book keepers 
• Customer care / help desk 

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